-with Ania Koval, C.Ht:

HMIphotoWhen you come in, during your first session we will talk a lot about the issue that you’ve been having. I will be asking you a lot of questions to get a detailed history in order to get to the bottom of a problem. We will be conducting an extensive cognitive discussion, I’ll explain the theory of mind, we’ll do few suggestibility tests and experience magnificent hypnotic state of relaxation. On top of that, during your first session you will receive lots of valuable information, few short easy-to-follow self-hypnosis exercises that are proven to work very effectively and of course it is going to be an extensive hypnotherapy process for your mind and body (these two are very closely connected).

In your first session we will be working extensively on getting you rid of a major part of the inner conflict inside that is usually stopping you from creating the change that you desire. We are going to create a base which will serve as a foundation that we will build on in order to achieve substantial results and create a long-lasting change.

There will be additional resources, therapeutic exercises and tasks. Self-improvement and self hypnosis exercises that I will be giving you are extremely important to follow. It takes your mind some time to get used to your new behavior and get rid of the old one. So, the more you wrap your mind around it and commit to the process, the faster you will conquer the issue.

During your 1st visit we will focus on reaching the deepest state of relaxation, creating the base for permanent change and plant initial suggestions for a desired goal.

During subsequent sessions we will be incorporating behavior modification techniques with cognitive therapy to reach your desired goals. Each session will include hypnosis modalities, lots of suggestions, guided relaxation, NLP strategies customized to address the specific issues and achieve positive results and many other tools.

All therapy sessions are unique, customized individually and confidential.

*Non-Smoker Guarantee Program Does Not Require to book additional sessions.