The Biggest and Scariest Myths about physical withdrawals after quitting smoking

Myth #1. I Am Going To Gain Weight.

It’s been known that ever since a person puts a cigarette down with a decision not to come back to it, he or she should gain weight. First, let’s talk about physical condition of an average pack a day smoker for a sec. One very important and frequently overlooked fact is that when a someone smokes, his/her body literally dries out, period. Because smoke tends to dehydrate each and every cell in it on micro level keeping the body in constant shock. Have you ever seen beef jerky? Yes. This is exactly what a smoker looks like after smoking through his entire life.

 The truth is when you quit smoking your body naturally tends to re-hydrate itself and as a result of restoring re-hydration process it may retain 2 to 5 pounds of water that are in turn rejuvenating your skin cells and every other cell in your body. Solution to this: slight physical activity. With little exercise added to your daily routine the water circulation through the body balances out in very short period of time and the body goes back to a full healthy mode, the metabolism naturally speeds up and the immune system gets a real boost from it as well.

Now let’s talk about the sugar cravings that seems to be one of the major reasons for not quitting. The thing is that our cigarettes in nowadays world are completely loaded with the most dangerous chemicals on earth.  Not only that, before the wrapping the tobacco in paper, that paper gets soaked in chemically processed sugar water that gives a smoker 8 to 18 grams of sugar per cigarette! Now, do your math on a pack a day smoker’s sugar dosage. It’s not a surprise, that right after you quit, the first thing you wanna do is climb a wall from discomfort or hang in the ice cream shop for more comfort, whichever is closer. But either one is still not a real physical withdrawal but more of an emotional type. And here is why, when we wake up in the morning our blood sugar is naturally low due to maintaining a less consumption of fuel  throughout the night while we are asleep. Our bodies work hard to run all the systems during the night time and since we are not moving much physically our bodies slow the systems down balancing the energy to sustain a healthy dream cycle through the night.

When we wake up and reach out for smoke and caffeine instead of oatmeal and egg white (breakfast with protein, natural source of energy) our metabolism (our best friend) instead of a boost gets a nice heavy boot. Why? Because instead of giving it a pure energy for working all the toxins out from the body from the day before, we are feeding it more deadly toxins and caffeine that raises the blood sugar so high that our pancreas goes in instant shock from the double work it has to do now in order to maintain all the system running. But that is just the beginning. Imagine you smoked that cigarette and drank that cup of coffee. You put in no essential fuel into your body to start the day properly. It raised your sugar level so high that you feel so charged and energetic, time to go to work. By the time you get to work, your hands start shaking, your mood goes to trash and all hell breaks loose. What you just did to yourself is crucial.

Now, since your blood sugar level is so high, your pancreas now overproduces the insulin to get it back down but instead of getting it to the normal level to balance it out it drops it so low that you have absolutely no energy to do anything and you feel weak and tired again. Now you are at work. And your body needs energy fast, so it craves what? Exactly, sugar. And, there is nothing around but the vending machine with snacks and coca kola. Great! Let’s get right on it. The sugar level is low, we need quick fix for that, coca kola and the trail mix will work just fine. And so you feed your body this processed crap and your poor liver literally starts cursing you out for being a part of this poorly maintained body. Now, instead of working it’s day job which is filtering the toxins out of your blood stream it’s too busy working it’s second job which is constantly overproducing the adrenalin in attempt to raise your blood sugar level trying to get it back to normal, but of course it misses again and raises it too high instead. By this time your mood swings usually become a nightmare for everyone around you at work or whatever the environment is . But you don’t know what’s really happening to you so you just continue smoke cigarettes, drink coffee on breaks and make constant trips to the vending machine.

It would be alright if not for fact that at some point your metabolism gives up on you. And the extra weight seems to become a problem, because it wouldn’t go away on it’s own, and now you go online and start looking for some “cleansing diet” to clean the body, but which in fact you should stay the hell away from before you fix your metabolism. No starving will help here, it will only kill the rest of it.

So, don’t start your day with a cigarette and coffee. Have a nice protein breakfast and a breathing meditation before it. You will increase your body’s potential twice if not more.

Myth #2.  I Am Physically Addicted.

No, you are not physically addicted. There is only a mental aspect of a habit that came completely from a learned behavior. It took your mind years to create this habit and now your body responds to it. In your mind it became a comfort zone and it thinks it likes it. In another words, it created an escape mechanism that helps pushing down some emotions or possibly push some physical disbalance away.

In medical dictionary the word “physical addiction” described as physical condition where the body’s well being physically depends on the substance taken. Meaning, if the substance is taken away – an addict’s body might shut down. So, it is strictly against the medical rules trying to get someone off the substance instantly, in one word cutting him off. Because he literally might die from not having it. His body might shut down. There is no smoker on earth whose body would shut down because he or she stops smoking. So no, you are not physically addicted to nicotine. And your body will not shut down if you stop smoking overnight.

Myth #3. I Am afraid I’ll get very nervous.

Nervousness is another concern that scares a smoker from quitting. The thing is that a lot of times nervousness is again, a sugar level problem, so in 80% of all cases all we have to do to illuminate nervousness is to put a person on a healthy protein diet and add a fruit to a daily routine. Fruit is a natural sugar, and it will help create a balance in imbalanced atmosphere. Plus, it naturally boosts  the metabolism if taken first thing in the morning right after awakening. Add few glasses of water to your daily routine and the nervous side effect will have no chances for surviving.

Nervousness is not physical withdrawal, it’s just an irritation due to chemical imbalance within the body systems. And headaches is exactly the same thing. Follow the same strategy.

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