I have had some amazing sessions with Ania, I have never had a ‘Writing Analysis’ done before and when Ania did one for me I was shocked how accurate it was, she is really clear and intuitive!!

Ania is very welcoming and easy to open up to and work with. I had some great Hypnosis/NLP sessions with her, she helps me get clear on my PhoebeDbiggest goals & dreams and get in touch with the fears that were holding me back! She did an amazing guided meditation/visualization for my career and the type of clients I want.

Ania also really breaks down and explains to you what she is doing and gives useful tips & exercises you can do at home! I always learn a lot from her!!

Since our sessions some of biggest career goals have come true and my relationships have improved dramatically!! I feel much more fearless!! She is able to really get to the root of the problems and help people fast.

  • Phoebe Dawson -Los Angeles, CA

Ania takes the time and uses techniques which are so effective that I was shocked at the impact it had on my situation!! Hypnotherapy is me&marjan1amazing and what a great hypnotherapist to find!! I highly recommend Ania. I referred her to a friend that wants to quit smoking and to another friend who has a fear of flying. She did a lot for me with my desire to lose weight and other blocks in my head!! She in addition to hypnotherapy gives you techniques to work on things effectively. There has definitely been a big difference. It’s very exciting!!

  • Brooke Marjan -Los Angeles, CA

I’ve always been a sceptic but hypnotherapy really does work! I’ve been meeting with Ania Koval and practicing exercises prescribed by Ania almost every day for the last few months. I’ve tried many things over the years but as I’ve told everyone I know … in my experience this is the easiest most enjoyable way to feel good. I feel increasingly calmer and healthier as time goes by. Amazingly it’s just a small amount of my time and money invested for such wonderful results.
  • Svetlana Vasilenko -Los Angeles, CA

Just few sessions with Ania brought me much closer to being the person that I always wanted to be. And she made it impressively easy for me to2 001 get there! Thank you so much Ania, you are great!

  • Craig Minor -Los Angeles, CA
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