Stop Phobias

mind2Ever experienced such a fearful feeling in life you wish you didn’t?

Fears and Phobias feel very alike, it’s hard to distinguish one from the other. They usually pertain to the most unpleasant types of reactions of our behavior, and yet, there is the highest intention behind the meanings of both. Believe it or not, even behind this kind of uncomfortable reaction lays a deeper purpose for protecting our body and mind.

The difference between the two is the following: phobias are illogical, there is no specific event that’s caused it, it starts out of nowhere and usually has no specific origin which helps you connect the dots between the cause and the resulting reaction. Fear on the other hand has a little more clarity to it. Usually you would remember when it began, how old you were, the event that caused the fear, and in most cases you would even be able to re-produce that causing event vividly and precisely enough in your memory. That particular event is usually a main root cause for the fear reaction.

Hypnosis Treatment for fears and phobias  has been around over 7,000 years.

People apply hypnosis and self hypnosis techniques to overcome all kinds of fears. Two of the most common fears nowadays are the fear of public speaking and the fear of not being able to provide for the family. The other popular fears are: fear of heights, fear of flight, spiders, snakes, social phobias and many more.

Imagine, you had a technique, that helps your mind to change the behavioral reactions however you want. Let’s give you an example: imagine your biggest fear out there. Now, I know some people are completely fearless, but what if you were to pick one area where you don’t feel completely comfortable and begin to believe you’d rather not do it or stay away from it?

Got it?

Write down the number, on the scale from 1 to 10 how tense the unpleasant or fearful feeling is.

Now, close your eyes (read the whole exercise first of course) and pay close attention to the images you are having. Dissociate yourself from the images, which means in your mind float out of your body and see yourself from the side. Now, change the image sub modalities. If it’s a movie you are seeing, make it still. Now from bright and colorful, make it dim and black and white and vice-verse. From 3D make it flat and framed. Notice the feelings and sounds that are important.

Next, go ahead and shrink the image and make it half of the size, now make it quarter of the size, now watch it grow smaller and smaller, so small you can barely notice it, it’s the size of a piece of sand now. Now watch it disappear completely. Hold it that way, lock in your mind. Now bring it back and do it again few times.

Open your eyes, and write down the number now, on the scale from 1 to 10 how tense the feeling is.

Now, this is just a sample of how self hypnosis can begin to lower the fear and phobic reaction in less than 5 minutes. This particular self hypnosis technique is an addition to the general treatment that you get once you are in session with a professional coach.

If you could lower the intensity of phobic reaction by simply doing our exercise, imagine what a full hypno-coaching program could give you. Imagine getting in control of every reaction within your body, so the feelings, emotions and perceptions become like a channel switch on a remote control. And all you have to do is to learn how to use it. What if you knew how to use that remote control to keep everything in tune and in balance that serves you well on daily basis and therefore control the outcome and results of your daily behavior? control your own future in one word?

Our hypno-coaching program is designed in a way that regardless of your age, distance, fear intensity, background or prior experience with hypnosis you can take the techniques we will teach you, and apply them anytime, anywhere and with no special preparation for it.

In our sessions you will learn step by step method that will:

–          Help you to get rid of fears and phobias

–          Make you go out and function in your daily life free of fearful uncomfortable reactions

–          Help you to stay relaxed and calm no matter what

–          Maintain focus and concentration

–          Get the confidence you need to accomplish tasks

–          Stay in control of your mind and body

–          Make happiness part of your permanent life style

–          Increase your energy level

–          And finally,  keep it that way!


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