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10 Reasons To Not Use Hypnosis

1. You may find yourself totally relaxed. Hypnosis is a state of natural relaxation where your mind is calm and physical body is completely relaxed. The side effect: you may find yourself being able to tolerate stress very well, handle overload, pressures, maintain focus and concentration throughout a very busy day.

2. You may find yourself sleeping better. If you are stressed at work, worried about things, your mind is racing all night, chances are you are not getting a good night rest. And if you don’t, you eventually hit the point when the restless state begins to affect your performance. Since Hypnosis is a last awaken state – it works perfectly for sleeping issues. You’ll find yourself sleeping like a baby and wake up rested, rejuvenated and energized.


3. You may find yourself overcoming fears of failure, and battle obstacles with ease. Obstacle is a part of balance, a learning you will only gain while traveling the road of success. Remember famous story about Mr. Edison and a light bulb? If not for his belief in success, we may never have had lights. He had a vision, an idea which he stuck by. Every obstacle was simply a feedback and wasn’t even though of as a failure. Every mistake was a learning. This is why there was 10,000 ways of “learnings” before there was one, a perfect outcome. Thomas Edison has failed 10,000 times before he invented a light bulb. And when he was asked about his failures, Edison simply replied with: “I didn’t fail. I just found  10,000 ways not to make a light bulb. Now I just need one to succeed.” Hypnosis may change your perceptions and belief system for better, for good.

4. You could overcome your fears of success. The fear of success is just as common as a fear of failure. Both are comfort zones and stepping out of them create the unknown to the Unconscious Mind. Stepping out of the comfort zone is always a hard thing to do. But NOT doing it is living in your own shadow and standing on your own way. Think about it for a second, what will it take for you to realize that you deserve the best in live just like any other human being? You may think of it as “what will my friends and family will say if I rise above my station in life?” The truth is while you are thinking of their approval, they are living their own live. With hypnosis you may find yourself overcoming those fears, thinking fast and outside of the box and become unstoppable while achieving success in the most harmonious way imaginable.

5. You may find yourself stopping self mutilation. Nail biting, teeth grinding, hair pulling or any other form of self harm is usually a result of some underlying disturbing issue that doesn’t have a right coping mechanism or a strategy to battle it. After applying proper hypnosis techniques you may find yourself restoring the old coping strategies, learning the new ones and find easy ways to deal with the “symptoms” therefore creating a happier and healthier life for yourself.

6. You may find yourself being confident in doing public speaking, fearless standing up in front of the crowds. Fear of Public Speaking is on top of the list in the US. With hypnosis you can easily overcome all the worries, stay calm, relaxed and in control while giving your speech to the public. Fearless speaking is something anyone can benefit from. Businessmen use it for business presentations, negotiations or sales. Stay at home moms use it to coax their children to obey. Writers and Scientists would benefit from it by expanding the range of listeners, readers and fans. Whoever it is that you are, and whatever it is that you do – being able to present yourself to the groups of people will get you far. And very quickly.

7. You may find yourself getting back in shape, losing some weight, shredding few extra pounds with little to no effort while using hypnosis. Studies have shown that every major weight gain issue begins with emotional pain or inability to control your thoughts and therefore the feelings about yourself and the outer world you live in. Since hypnosis deals with thoughts, feelings and emotions, it resolves the most major root cause problems, so your body revives by itself and the mind finds the motivation to continue supplying itself with vital energy to speed up metabolism. Once your metabolism is up and running, your body begins to detoxify itself quickly, re-gain all the recourses, the energy and the power to heal every molecule and cell in the system and your life completely changes from a miserable dieter to a very happy camper. Ever saw a healthy fit slim and beautiful human being whose body you wanted to have but didn’t think you could? That person could be you, if only you could see the full part of the glass.

8. You could become a non-smoker for good with no pain, no weight gain and no nervousness in a very short period of time with hypnosis, 1 to 2 hours to be exact with our Non Smoker Program. How many New Year Resolutions have you had so far? How many times have you made quitting smoking one of them? You do it annually, don’t you. And yet keep coming back to poisoning yourself on cellular lever with every inhale covering your lungs with dust, sooth, smoke dirt and chemicals that don’t even make it through your blood stream, but stay there and clog your veins until the blood supply system begins to shut down and slowly lead to cancer and heart deceases. The bad news is if you don’t stop, you are officially depriving yourself of 10 to 20 years of quality life. The good news is you weren’t born liking this habit. You officially hypnotized yourself into liking it while being suggestible to peers, “cool” commercials, society or smokers in every day environment. Therefore, all we have to do is de-hypnotize you from liking this habit and simply “send you back” to before you even knew what it was like to be a non-smokes. Yes, hypnosis works both ways!

9. You may find yourself breaking free from all kinds of fears and phobias. Ever found yourself being scared or fearful of certain conditions in life? How would you like to not have those reactions anymore ever again? Meaning, relax on the plane, confidently speak to public, jump with a parachute, make clear and fearless decisions in everyday life? With the powers of subconscious mind you can have it all and beyond and all at once if desired. Hypnosis is simple, it is a tool that makes you unstoppable and balanced in all aspects of life.

10. You may find yourself being free of anger, guilt, sadness and depression. Don’t get me wrong, anger and all other types of physical behavioral reactions do serve a purpose. It’d be wrong to say that you don’t need any of them because the situations in life can call when it could be the most appropriate recourse to use. All I’m saying that if it goes out of your control than it becomes a problem. Hypnosis teaches you to get in control of all situations in life, so you know when it’s appropriate and when not. Example: if you are running away from a dinosaur you might need to use some anger to battle the beast.

There are many more things that hypnosis can help you with, you can check out the list right here. Or simply contact us with your issue and we’ll come up with a right treatment as a solution personally for you.

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