Relationships therapy and suggestions in hypnosis.

*When a person is rejected in relationship, he/she subconsciously tends to put rejecting party “on the pedestal”. And when that happens the rejecting party is looking down at the rejected, and the rejected one is looking up to him/her. That could be great for imagery. Using that direct approach in therapy could serve as a rejection prove technique, because in imagery now we are going to take the rejecting party off that pedestal and escort him down and/or put him in a hole that is below that pedestal, so that subconsciously now the rejected party is looking down at the rejecting one.


“Visualize or imagine the pedestal where you see you boyfriend/girlfriend is sitting. Now, go ahead imagine you are holding a ladder in your arms. Start walking towards the pedestal and when you get close enough to reach it, give me an indication (finger lift, or a head nod Yes). Now, visualize or imagine yourself climbing up on top of that ladder so you can see that person face to face (give me a head nod when you do so), now visualize, pretend or imagine you escorting him/her down from the pedestal. Go ahead and escort him.

Now, he/she is standing in front of you. Go ahead and imagine how you move the pedestal of to the side, see there’s a dark hole under it, and it’ below the floor level. Now, escort him/her to that hole, and move the pedestal back to its original position. Now, you put him/her away and you are now looking down at him/her.

And from now on, you are not going to look up and putting anybody on pedestal, and you are not going to look down at anyone (that’s arrogance), you are now looking only straight ahead of you. Which means to you that you are the most important person in your life. Which means that from now on you won’t make any other person more important than you, because you are the most important person you have. And from now on you will never settle for less. And that is because now you are looking only straight ahead. Which means that you have a great ability to perfectly evaluate people around you for who they truly are.”


*When we look up to someone and put them on a pedestal as the most important thing at that moment, we only do that because our ego wants something that it can’t have. We have an image and perception of that person that make our mind to go “wow” and we don’t evaluate properly while in the state of euphoria. But in reality their true personality might be completely different from what it seems to be because people tend to not reveal themselves and their true personalities to us. And of course we often want only what we can’t have.

In this visualization technique we are going to use a fragment from the movie “Men In Black”. In the fragment Will Smith is facing a farmer who in reality is an alien, he only looks like a farmer. While having a conversation with him, Will Smith realizes there is something wrong. And then the alien takes of his “mask” which is a skin from the face. Under that mask he finds a cockroach. Which is his true being under the skin of human.


“Visualize, pretend or imagine you are having a nice walk in the park and then you stop and look at that person right in the eyes. They don’t smile and don’t quite talk too much. Now, visualize or imagine you are trying to say something meaningful to him/her, and all he/she does in response is staring at you. Now imagine their face is starting to shape in an awkward form. And you notice he/she gets terrified (you notice that terrified look on their face) that his/her true personality is about to come out against his/her will and he/she will reveal the true image, you will see his/her true image. Visualize or imagine that at some point his/her fighting against the natural process of true personality coming out is becoming so hard to control that he/she loses the battle. He/she takes of a mask in a form of a human skin and now there is a big cockroach standing in front of you. Now go ahead, turn around and run, as far as possible. You now know who he/she truly is.”

NOTE: You can modify and tailor the suggestions in the way you need customizing it specifically to a client’s needs for maximum its work potential.