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General List Of Services

If you have a specific issue, please CALL or send a message. Let’s talk about it. During your free consultation you will know what benefits and goals hypnotherapy will help you to achieve.

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Specialties (one-on-one sessions or in the group)

Ania K Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Services:

* Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Workshops and seminars for personal growth and self development.

And much much more!

Group sessions, Corporate Trainings, Self-Improvement Classes, NLP and Hypnosis Workshops are coming up!

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With the modern cognitive therapy and hypnotherapy programs we use, we’ve been able to achieve great results and very high success rates with anything we work on. Don’t wait, stop putting your life off, and delaying your success and your happiness, because you could be the one having your best dreams and the outcomes you always wanted happening to you right now as you are reading this. Just imagine, as you reading this, somebody has already made the first step and is getting your results by taking the right actions.

Don’t hesitate about your life, you only have one.

For more information and/or free phone consultation call our office at the number listed here.

  1. *All sessions & programs are customized specifically for the individual
  2. *Phone sessions, Skype sessions or in-person
  3. *Medical referral might be required
  4. *Your therapy sessions and its content are strictly confidential