I stay calm in the midst of every life storm.

I stay calm in the midst of every life storm.


As the inevitable challenges of life darken my path, I remain calm. Storms are only temporary and I know I can get through anything by looking forward through the darkness to the coming dawn. My inner strength carries me through any calamity life may present.

Whether a storm is big or small doesn’t matter. What matters is my reaction. I know that if I panic and allow fear to take control of me, I only make the situation worse.

If I entertain negative emotions, I push a solution farther away. So I steer through the storm with serenity as my guide.

Although it may be difficult to see when it bears down on me in its fury, I realize that a storm can bring benefits as well as challenges.

When I rise to the challenge, I gain knowledge, strength and wisdom. A life without challenges would be less fulfilling.

I can do so much more with my life by keeping a positive attitude. My optimism keeps hope alive and my bravery brings me strength. My perseverance keeps me going, no matter what the odds. And peace is always within me. Because I have these traits, no life storm can ever defeat me.

Today, I remain calm, no matter what storms may come my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What storms am I facing now?
  2. How can staying calm in these storms help me?
  3. What can I do to strengthen my serenity?