Have you considered Hypnotherapy Counseling and Coaching as a way to aid yourself in your weight loss, financial growth or smoking cessation efforts?

Today’s Hypnotherapy Choices

It used to be that hypnosis was conducted with an aura of mystery designed to lull the participant into not understanding just what it was that the one conducting the hypnosis was doing.  Thanks to decades of research and learning in the fields of psychology and brain chemistry, the scientific knowledge of just what hypnosis is and how it works is common knowledge.  Unfortunately many individuals still cling to their outdated and outmoded beliefs of how hypnosis works.

Modern research and methods have shown that hypnotherapy really does work!  By taking party in Hypnotherapy Counseling and Coaching sessions you take advantage of the knowledge of trained hypnotherapy counselors who are open and honest about how hypnosis takes advantage of the brain’s own power of suggestion to help regulate behavior and even brain chemistry.  These sessions can drastically improve your chances of kicking that habit and making a true difference in your life and behaviors once and for all.

About Our Hypnotherapy Counseling and Coaching Sessions

Our Hypnotherapy Counseling and Coaching sessions are designed to address the concerns and needs of our clients.  This includes our hours of availability.  For those who are unable to attend counseling sessions at our physical location, we offer Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions by phone or Skype.

Our regular hours of operation at our California locations are from 10a.m. – 8p.m. PST.  If you are looking to book specific evening sessions, please call (877) 247-7499 to check for availability. Our coach is professionally trained and has the experience you need to break your habits for good.

For more information on our coach, please go to: About Ania section

How Much do Hypnotherapy and Counseling Sessions Cost?

The cost of hypnotherapy sessions can vary depending on whether you choose individual sessions, group sessions, or online/Skype or phone sessions.  Keep in mind that it may take more than one session to fully acclimate your mind to the techniques and suggestions being implemented.  The initial evaluation will help your counselor to determine just how many sessions you may need for your particular problem.

In Person Sessions:

By Phone or Skype.

30 minutes, 1 hour or 1½ hour sessions available!

Your Personal Pre-recorded Sessions.

Need a personal empowerment on the go? Get your success driving tool and take it with you anywhere you go. Give us the subject, and what it is that needs to be done, we will record your sessions for you and email you Mp3 file within 24 hours

Receive your $500.00 Free Phone Consultation and Evaluation Test Now

If you still have questions regarding hypnotherapy or are concerned as to whether or not hypnotherapy is right for you, please call our main number at (877) 247-7499 and ask for your free phone consultation and evaluation.  Once you have made the choice to proceed with hypnotherapy, we will schedule your first hypnotherapy session. Read here what to expect from first visit.

Office Locations

We have two centrally located office locations for you to choose from.

Our Hypnosis Motivation Institute is located  at: 18607 Ventura Blvd, Ste 310 Tarzana CA 91356.

Our Beverly Hills Office Location can be found at 433 N Camden Dr, Ste 400 Beverly Hills CA 90210

For more questions or concerns, please email our office at:  akhypnosis@yahoo.com

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