Hypnosis for Success in Business and Sales

“In business hypnotherapy, there are two major things to learn: how to use hypnotherapy to create successful mindset for yourself and how to apply what you learn in daily life for others to listen to what you have to say, which I call “hypo-communication model.” – Ania Koval, C.Ht.

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Hypnosis for Success in Sales and Business

If you are in business or sales or both, here is one question for you: How do you know when your prospect has bought your product? Do they slide their credit card? Sign a contract? Give you a deposit? Or if you are in service, how do you know when someone have bought your service or ideas? You would probably be aware of their actions, right? Because of certain actions took place you would know if your service or product has been bought.

Regardless of the product or service you are selling, in order for a sale to take place, one has to successfully influence the thinking process of the other in order to stir prospect’s behavior to closing a deal. In one word, you have to “speak prospect’s language”. You have to enter the prospect’s “Model of the World” and create a change in their thinking. With hypnosis and hypnotic language you can learn how to unconsciously lead the negotiation and sales process towards the outcome you want. You can use hypnosis to be more successful in business and sales.

Hypnosis is one of the most ancient mind sciences that’s been around for over 7000 years in various forms. It’s been used consciously and unconsciously by hundreds of generations, people used it for anything, from selling napkins to talking to Gods. In modern society, it’s become a powerful aid and a tool that is used to accomplish all kinds of things and goals.

Every professional athlete today has a hypno-coach that teaches them to apply hypnosis to improve their game. Professional businessmen seek hypnotherapy services to stay motivated, increase confidence, build mental power to deal with stress, public speaking fears, inner blocks, stay focused and concentrated or simply boost energy levels for self development and self improvement purposes.

In the past 60 years, hypnotherapy have proven to be highly successful in all kinds of conditions. It’s even become somewhat of a “go-to” treatments for smokers and weight loss clients. Now, imagine if hypnosis can influence people to stop 30 plus years of smoking habits, overcome all kinds of fears, change the way they eat, feel and sleep, can you imagine what it can do for your business? And how by learning hypnotic processes, you can become more persuasive, influential and much more effective in communicating your ideas?

Hypnotic language patterns are something that’s used all over the world today. Marketing, advertisement and sales companies annually poor millions of dollars into psychology trainings and best hypno-coaches on the market to get trained to use those techniques. Politicians, lawyers, teachers are written hypno-speeches every day using the patterns, hypnotic verbal structures, hypnotic vocal tonalities, NLP and sensory acuity. The law enforcement agencies using hypnotic language to influence the behavior of people to have suggestions accepted without a question. In business world today conversational hypnosis is used to negotiate deals, sign contracts, attract bigger and larger opportunities, and this is the kind of skill you can have too, in order to be more effective, more influential, persuasive and therefore successful in your career. You can put this incredible powers to work for you now! Double your income and increase a revenue!

– “The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.” – Confucius

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