How Hypnosis Works

mind9How Hypnosis Works

There are many misconceptions around how hypnosis works. The popular image that comes to mind is a hypnotist bringing a volunteer up on stage, hypnotizing the subject and having him or her perform all sorts of silly and embarrassing tricks in front of an audience. It is presumed that the person being hypnotized has lost all sense of himself and is under the complete control of the hypnotist. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hypnosis is actually a state of deep physical relaxation, where the subject can be fully aware of her surroundings, but is in a state of mind where they are quite suggestible. In contrast to the picture described above, the subject is in control of what they are doing and if the hypnotist suggests something that is counter to the moral code of the subject, it will just be ignored.

Almost everyone has experienced a state where the conscious mind is at bay. You might remember a time when you were driving and your mind was elsewhere. You arrived at your destination but can not remember actually driving there. Another example is when you are watching a movie and you have quieted your conscious mind so that you are not thinking about your usual thoughts. These states are similar to what happens in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is used effectively for a variety of issues, including helping people stop smoking, lose weight, stop anxiety and even get rid of insomnia.

So how does hypnosis work? When a hypnotherapist or other person is trained in hypnosis, they are able to bring a person into a very deep state of relaxation. Normally when we are awake, we are ruled by our conscious minds. The conscious is known for making decisions, making judgments and controlling what we perceive as reality.

The subconscious on the other hand cannot make judgments about what it encounters. It is like a sponge and does not distinguish between reality and fantasy. In other words, when the subconscious hears “I am not anxious”, it believes it, no questions asked.

The way hypnosis works is to put the subject into a state where the conscious mind has been quieted and the hypnotist is speaking directly to the subconscious. The subject takes suggestions much more easily and in this way, the hypnotist can actually begin to reprogram the brain to the desired outcome.

Science has learned a lot about how hypnosis works and it is without a doubt a very good solutions to a number of troublesome issues. For more information on how hypnosis can help you, check out our list of services here.

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