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Transforming Your Life With Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a state of mind that can be induced by hypnotherapist or a client himself. Many hypnotherapists teach their clients effective self hypnosis techniques to take themselves in and out of the hypnotic state to achieve better long lasting results. Read more


Non-Smoker For Good. Hypnosis can help you to Quit Smoking for good. Learn how smokers become non-smokers in one session or less, no withdraws, no side affects, no weight gain, no nervousness. Non-drug approach. New age talk therapy. Guarantee Sessions. Read More


Weight Loss. Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss not only helps you to gain motivation and energy but also keeps this motivation going so you get to the results that you want. Back to the mind – body connection, your mind sets a goal and your body is the tool that follows your mind’s command. Read more


Trance in Hypnotherapy. Often trance is being compared to somewhat exotic experience. In reality, it is just as natural as sleep. You see sleep as a part of your daily routine and perfectly normal activities. You don’t question lying flat on a horizontal surface, putting on a night robe every day, closing your eyes and drifting into unconscious state where you can see images… Read more


Hypnosis for Anxiety & Stress. The World we live in today is faster then we can keep up with. Every day we get exposed to billions of bits of information that easily create and cause an overload. When overload becomes too great – our mind’s ability to fight shuts down and we go in what’s called a “Flight mode”. Anxiety and stress is a physical consequence of “Flight” Read More


Hypnosis for Success in Sales and Business. If you are in business or sales or both, here is one question for you: How do you know when your prospect has bought your product? Do they slide their credit card? Sign a contract? Give you a deposit? Or if you are in service, how do you know when someone…Read more


Handwriting Analysis for Business and Recruiting.Have you ever been in a position when you hired a promising candidate, but shortly after found them to be far from the original impression you had? During interviews potential candidates can be misleading, untruthful or simply hard to read.. Read more