Confidence & Self Esteem


    You know when I was 16 years old, I often questioned the aspects of my life, my appearance, my talents (if there were any), my position in life, where I was heading with my ambitions at the moment and so on and so forth. I didn’t have much life experience to base and generalize my judgments on (only Hollywood movies, jk :) ), but I knew one day I was going to become something or someone valuable and possibly very meaningful  to others in this crazy world.

   I didn’t know who I was going to become in the future, I only had 3 talents that I was aware of at that time: giggling loud when it wasn’t allowed, starring at people and playing piano. Sometimes I managed to do them all at once. And that freaked out everyone around me including my college teachers who then, thanks to their outstanding analytical skills, figured math would be too hard to teach to someone with an attention span of a 5-year old and so they loaded me with linguistics and geography instead. In my first geography class my truly Russian teacher has tortured the crap out of all students. He’s given us 2 days to memorize 260 countries of the globe with their precise locations and the names of their capitals. I still have no idea why he needed us to learn all of them that precisely (considering the fact that it was a faculty of civil engineering), but after “fleeing” to America my extreme geographical knowledge of the globe has proven that everything does happen for a reason (especially when you don’t have money for an iPhone with navigation system or at least some little pocket compass while conquering the woods of Niagara Falls or Lake Michigan…or, let’s just say Brooklyn).

   So, the time came and I stepped onto American lands. I will never forget the feelings of all the excitement and fear at the same time, the emotions were overflowing and overwhelming so much so, I went completely mesmerized for a while and sinking in my own thoughts and dreams, so deep in a fantasy world of plans, curiosity and surrounding sounds, I could barely recall any memory of going through the security check the next day… I was totally hypnotized. I had less than 50 dollars in my pocket no thoughts or ideas of how I was gonna survive.

   But see, I didn’t care much about those things. The only thing that kept raising through my mind was that I was finally free to do whatever I wanted with my life and with my deep unhealthy for my age curiosity for science that eventually led me here, to you, to this page, to this article…  And the key word there wasn’t anything but the word “free” in my mind, it was flashing like a banner on MySpace. “Free” meant to do whatever your desire there is with your life. Free to create new pathways and free to unleash the full potential to uncover the world of the Unconscious… I didn’t know how, where and when.. I had no idea what I was going to start with, but what I did know is that from that moment on nothing mattered because that energy of “free” has shifted everything in the Universe for me, and that thought of “free” had become a label I put on myself. Yes, I labeled myself as “free” without any explanation but a complete understanding of what that meant for me.

   Why am I sharing with you all this? It is to show you, using my own example, how quickly you become who or what you think you are. In my example, as soon as I labeled myself “free” (with my own meaning of it), it became just that. I’ve initially given my Sub Conscious a command to be free to do or to be whatever it wants, and from that moment on not even sky was the limit, I wrote my script for my future. That alone doesn’t mean I was sure about EVERYTHING I was going to do in my life, but I’ve given it a choice…to be free to make a choice about where it wants to go next…


   You see, the issues of insufficient self-esteem or self-confidence majorly comes from the label that you once put on yourself (lazy, ugly, worthless, unhappy etc.) and that in turn creates an inner conflict between the part that wants to move forward and the part that has been labeled as “worthless”. You know, if you put a flee in a glass jar and close the lid and have it jump inside for eight hours – when you open the lid the flee inside will never jump higher than the lid itself, not anymore, even though naturally it can jump 4 feet high. Why? Because it is now given the limits to stay within and therefore a label of being a “poor jumper”. It labeled itself that, and now it became just that thanks to creating a belief that was true only for that flee, but not the entire world of nature.

   So, you think you have no confidence or little to no self-esteem? Well, let’s ask your unconscious mind, when did you decide you were that? And what is it that is lacking confidence within you specifically? Do you think you were born a “poor jumper”? Or, is it possible, that it is simply something you have learned to think of yourself? And by thinking that, eventually created that belief and labeled yourself as that at some point of your life?

   What triggered you to believe you are “that”?

You know there is a saying, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it might go through life believing it’s stupid. (Albert Einstein)

So, let’s just stop thinking for a second, and take an action and create another label for yourself now. It’s hard to believe it but the process of changing this believe can be as simple and just as fast as was the process of creating that negative belief that stops you from having what you want.


   How can hypnotherapy help me?

With hypnotherapy we can bypass your critical mind (the resistant part) and plant that other seed of positive label directly into your Sub Conscious mind, so you saying yourself “I’m now confident in (blank)” become a reality and a part of your real behavior on daily basis.

With hypnosis you will reach your Unconscious mind directly (your hard drive), and simply embed a new command in it that is going to overpower all the old ones by its intensity.

You have once hypnotized yourself into believing that you were a “fish”, so you can’t climb at all! You weren’t born with this believe, were you! Something sometime in your past created this belief! Now, we are not going to hypnotize you, we are going to de-hypnotize you from what you believe you are.

Nooo, you are not going to quack like a duck unless you want so, or bark like a dog unless you have a severe urge (warning: if you decide to do this in my office, please make sure you bring a medical referral for me so I can send you to my psychiatrist friend right away, he’s really good with animal syndromes).

But jokes aside, are you seriously ready to stop thinking now? And take action for creating a change? Then you are in a right place. In our hypnotherapy & life coaching sessions you will be provided with all the tools you need to get to where you need to go. You will be given all the support to take this change step by step. I will practically hold your hand on your way to success. The rest will depend on you.

If you are ready to change your life now, simply drop me a line here, and share in few words about what seems to be the problem and what you feel is blocking you. Add few options about when and how you prefer to be reached to get your free consultations and evaluation that we’ll do over the phone.

When you come in, your first session you will receive lots of valuable advice, few short self-hypnosis exercises that are proven to work very effectively and of course it is going to be an extensive hypnotherapy process for your mind and body (these two are very closely connected as we mentioned before). In your first session you will also be able to get rid of a major part of that conflict you have inside, we are going to base our entire hypnosis session on just that. Remember, that that is only a foundation we are going to build. In order to have sustainable result that is going to stay with you, we will have to build on that foundation. So, self-improvement exercises that I will give you are extremely important to follow. It takes your mind sometime to get used to your new behavior and get rid of the old one.

 How many sessions will I need?

Statistics showed that depend on how deep your problem is (the root cause of it) it might take on average 3 to 5 sessions for you to completely reach success in our therapy. In my own practice I have seen people walking away even after one session, and when they came back for a follow-up they did not need any additional session so I simply set them free. Again, I will give you all of the tools there are, and help you to create a rapport between your conscious and unconscious mind so you get what you want from life. The rest will depend on you.

 How much will it cost me?

The rates are following:

–          1st session is about 2 hours long. It’s going be very extensive and we are going to be doing lots of testing, digging, learning, educating, analyzing, laughing, crying, hypnotizing and duck quacking (just kidding!). Just be ready to face the “unknown” in a very healthy and pleasant way with no panic on Titanic (of course I will teach you that as well).

1st session Rate is $195.

–          2nd, 3rd can be a little over an hour, possibly close to hour and a half. On those sessions we’ll be doing lots of hypnosis, exercising, may be digging even deeper now, depends on where you are going to be and how you are going to feel after your 1st session.  2nd and each following session Rate is $125 per session.

*All sessions have to be paid in full before coming into the office.

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