Common Myths about Hypnosis.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is state of body being physically very relaxed while mind stays very focused. It also could be described as last awaken state before falling asleep, it’s trance. We go in and out of hypnosis all day long. There are several types of trance: light trance (when you missed an exit on a freeway, or tuned out while teacher was speaking), medium trance (such a relaxed state like while laying in bed still conscious though before falling asleep, but too lazy to get up if the phone rings in the other room), deep trance (can also be called cataleptic trance, when you almost fell asleep but you haven’t entered unconscious state completely) – this kind of trance state is widely used by doctors nowadays to perform surgeries with little or no anesthesia, this tool is great especially for those who doesn’t handle anesthesia very well. And usually this is the kind of trance the therapist would use to help you to make changes that you want.


How can hypnosis help?

Since hypnosis is a very relaxed state, the first thing of course that it can do is to teach you to relax. You might get surprised but some people go through their entire lives not knowing how to relax. That means that their body and mind is constantly in overload from all of the information, that’s bombarding our brains 24/7 through our 5 neuro points – our senses. So, if nothing else, you can use hypnosis to clear your mind for deep relaxation, and let your body get the most natural drug on earth.

In all other cases, hypnosis can be used to alter one’s behavioral pattern. It’s found to be the most effective in the world for quitting smoking, fears and phobias as well as weight loss programs and much more. It can be used for tremendous amount of different things (issues).

Hypnosis has been around for 7000 years, if something stays around for that long, it must be serving something good to humanity.

What is the difference between meditation and hypnosis?

Some people say that there is practically no difference between the two. I would suggest that differences lay in the purposes for using each. The purpose of meditation is to clear your mind, that simply helps to release daily stress, relax physically, calm down and regulate the emotional and mental health of a mind. The purpose of hypnosis is a change. We go under with a desire to change something in our lives, our behavior or just understand why certain things happen to us in the way they do. Taking that into consideration, you can choose what is it that you really think you need.

Can I be hypnotized against my will?

You can never be hypnotized against your will. In fact, during the hypnosis session you always have an opportunity to get up and leave if you want so. Chances are you will probably not want to leave, because of the relaxation that your body gets. It is the most natural drug on earth. Something like after a very good relaxing massage. The misconceptions about hypnosis come mostly from the TV shows on stage when a guy in a black suit makes everyone quack like a duck or bark like a dog. But have media ever lie to us before? (bark like a dog if you say ‘no’). Again, what these people do on stage is strictly entertainment. As long as they play along with the show man – they will be on stage. As soon as they stop, they are usually sent back into the room. You will see that if you pay attention to how these people are selected during the show.

During WWII there was a study done by Russian marines. And in that study Stalin had a program where he used best hypnotists in the world to train soldiers to run against the bullets. There was massive hypnotic influence and brainwash used of course (we’ll talk about brainwash later and what it takes to brainwash someone), so in that study soldiers would do anything the hypnotists told them to do but NEVER anything that was against their values. They wouldn’t be able to run against bullets because their Unconscious Mind woke up right away to protect them. So this is why you have nothing to worry about. You are not a zombie with no brains, you are a human and your both conscious and unconscious minds are on YOUR side.

Is Hypnosis safe?

While in hypnosis, you will always stay in control, present and for each and every change you will have a full control over allowing this change to happen. So, definitely, hypnosis is not only very safe tool to utilize but also very powerful and very precise when using it correctly and with a good trained professional.