A positive body image enables me to have more fun in the sun.

A positive body image enables me to have more fun in the sun.


Summer is a time to go outside and soak up the beauty of nature. After a long winter, I am determined to enjoy my summer vacation time. Nothing gets in my way of having a good time in the sun.

I make a mental inventory of all the things I love about my body. I start with my genuine smile. My smile radiates the confidence I feel in my soul. My confidence is what makes the real splash.

When I am out in the sun, I am concerned with getting a nice tan and having a good time. The shape of my body is the farthest thought from my mind. The beach is far from a body-judging contest; it is a place to lay back.

In front of the mirror, I look myself in the eye and speak words of affirmation to myself. I am beautiful from the inside out. The beauty inside me radiates through my face and overtakes my appearance.

I am relaxed about my looks. Time spent in the sun is mean to be fun without thinking about my body. Everyone has a feature that they dislike about their own figure. I refrain from being critical of others the same way that I want them to overlook my imperfections.

Today, I choose to relax about my looks by accepting my body the way it is and dressing it with confidence. I focus on having fun and I shut out any thoughts of comparison.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I self-conscious about how I look in a swimsuit?
  2. How can I choose a swimsuit that flatters my body type?
  3. Why is it important to have a positive self-image?